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Crisp is an "in home catering service". We bring the restaurant to you. Our experienced chef and owner will work with you to create a menu that caters to your special event. Crisp offers the highest quality of food and service in the area. Our catering service is unmatched compared to our competitors. 

If you opt to have additional services set up through Crisp such as entertainment or bartenders than a direct line of contact would need to be established. This is to familiarize both persons and also get a more clear line of communication. Lastly, any outsourced services will be added to the initial invoice drawn up with Crisp Catering LLC.

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Crisp Catering Service


Crisp Contract

A deposit of 50% of total invoice is due within half the time of the event date. This deposit locks in the date, the services (additional if opted), and food. If the event is postponed and the reschedule exceeds 1 month of original date the deposit will be refundable up to 50% (25% of invoice) will be needed. If the event is postponed and is rescheduled within a month of the original date, the deposit paid previously will stand. However, at the circumstance that you postpone the event within the 2 week window, regardless if reschedule within a month or further, same rules apply as stated earlier with an additional full invoice be collected. If an event is cancelled at any cost the deposit becomes nonrefundable. If the event is cancelled within 2 weeks of date the host will be charged and additional 25% of total invoice resulting in a 75% pay out to Crisp and any additional services. If the event is planned within the "last minutes period" (2 week from date), a $200 fee is added to total invoice.

Crisp's Promise

We’ve set the bar high when it comes to our standard of quality. We are committed to using the freshest of ingredients, creating a quality presentation for all our orders and offering quality customer service to all our clients. We work hard every day to ensure we maintain our reputation as the premium catering choice for the Carolina's. We’re focused on an overall quality approach to our work every day. We won’t disappoint you.

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